CORPORATE Classes and Events


Notting Hill Aikikai offers corporate team building events tailored to your exact needs. 

Through a combination of traditional and more inventive Aikido training exercises, games and techniques, people will learn about themselves and each other in a fun and safe environment. Typical areas of focus include: 

·      working with others and building positive relationships

·      dealing with change and pressure in the workplace

·      taking initiative

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“We were going through a period of fairly intense change at work and the idea of learning from the Asian philosophies of martial arts came up as both something potentially helpful and fun. Anthea was lovely to deal with and extremely flexible to accommodate our team’s needs. We loved hearing about how Aikido is all about accepting change, maintaining peace and using our attackers’ energy to our own advance. We tried to learn how to fall and roll…and even how to disarm someone carrying a knife…although we will leave that for another time. We concentrated on staying focused and grounded, while also being flexible and making the most of every situation.

The whole team loved the experience and I would strongly recommend an Aikido session with Sensei Anthea for a team event.”


The whole team loved the experience”
— Marisa, Corporate Client